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December 07, 2006

Announcing Scala With Sails

Ruby on Rails, Scala with Sails ... what's next, Tigers with Tails?

SwS stresses ease of development by separating model, view and controller and by presenting simple semantics for common tasks as well as "the right thing by default." SwS code for CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) tasks should be as compact (or more compact) and as readable as similar Ruby on Rails code. On the other hand, SwS will support significantly richer state management than RoR. Pages will be composed of many long-lived controller/view objects which maintain state in Monads. Each controller may receive input from user-actions or external actions and may mark its associated view as dirty. Dirty views are sent back to the browser as (1) part of a page reload, (2) as a change "push" responding to an AJAX request or (3) forcing a Comet event. The controllers will be Scala Actors such that they may be hundreds or thousands of live controllers in the system at any one time. Associating code blocks with web links and form elements, SwS allows a very granular HTTP request routing.


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