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June 19, 2005

Rich Internet Applications with Laszlo

Some helpful information on Laszlo.

Both frameworks are based upon a XML markup language that is rendered into Macromedia Flash (6 for Laszlo, 7 for Flex) that is displayed on the users browsers. As Flash is now a standard component on IE (with XP SP2) and Firefox, penetration should not be that much of an issue. Also, both can be compiled into native Flash (swf files) that can be hosted on a standard Web server, without the necessary application server (that becomes a development/test component), allowing a wider development community to use and host these frameworks at little or no cost. For more complex applications, support is provided for remote data access through RPC, etc, requiring some form of server data source, but this could be as simple as XML file or a traditional LAMP setup. Laszlo therefore can be deployed at no cost onto a typical ISP configuration, not requiring complex J2EE or Servlet containers to be developed.


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Rich Internet Applications with Laszlo

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