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April 21, 2005

Yahoo! 360: A Great Start

Good info on Yahoo 360 and some interesting statistics on gmail:

What was really fun (OK, not so fun) was sending out invites to all of the people who had requested them (sorry, I’m out of them so far – turns out you only get 100). I noted something interesting there – a preponderance of addresses. So I counted and this is what I got: 22% of requesters had Gmail accounts, 18% had a Yahoo! email address, and 3% had domains. Interestingly, there was one person with a Yahoo! email and MSN Spaces personal Web site – I have a feeling he/she will be changing...

Sorry, I forgot to say that my email is

if you happen to have an extra invite, it would be rad if you sent it my way!


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Yahoo! 360: A great start

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