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April 14, 2005

Onfolio On The Web?

This is a drawback of using Onfolio instead of a web-based service like Bloglines.

I've been a Bloglines user for over a year now (recently bought by Ask Jeeves), and have been generally happy with the experience of a web based blog reading service. A new udpate by Onfolio, of Onfolio 2.0, caught my eye yesterday and so I downloaded the application after having tried version 1.0 over a year ago. It's got great new features, including the ability to save entire web sites, organize and annotate comments on things...

However, I wish there were a web-based version of this product, or at the very least the ability to share and sync my Onfolio with other Onfolio on secondary PCs. I tend to do my work across multiple desktops and laptops (both windows and Mac), so I tend to be partial to apps that are stored on the web. This way I can access the same stuff, with the latest updates, off any machine that I'm on.


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Posted on April 14, 2005 10:28 AM by onfoli179.
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