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April 14, 2005

Firefox Extension Deletes Local Shared Objects

Great first effort by this budding Firefox extension writer:

I’ve been quiet since I wrote about Local Shared Object abuse on Tuesday, but that’s because I’ve been busy. Then, I said “while these new Flash cookies aren’t as easily eraseable as the ordinary variety yet, I’m sure someone will get right on it.” Well, I got right on it. I’m pleased to announce my first Firefox extension ever, Objection,...

Objection’s currently in a pretty rudimentary state - it only works for Windows, and it’s only translated into English - but I plan on building it out over time to have all the functionality and control Firefox users are used to having over plain old cookies. This will serve as a stop-gap solution until Macromedia and the Mozilla Foundation get together to release a permanent one, a solution that prevents Local Shared Objects from being used by unscrupulous (and ultimately counterproductive) marketers to subvert the wishes of everyday...

I’m hoping the people who first discussed Local Shared Objects and their threat to user privacy...

Pro: Uses Firefox’s Preferences UI.

Am I seeing the balance between this Firefox extension and the existing controls in the Macromedia Flash Player correctly here? or…?

A new extension for Firefox called Objection, has been


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