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April 12, 2005

Make Sure Your RSS Feed Supports Firefox and Thunderbird

We do check for this here at Firefox:

Feedburner estimates, as of early January 2005, that Firefox and Thunderbird combined account for just under ten percent of all RSS feed readers which read the 800 most highly subscribed feeds that Feedburner manages. That’s a lot, and it’s growing.

Check to make sure that your feed is recognizable by both Firefox’ Live Bookmarks and Thunderbird. When you view your website with Firefox, there should be an orange cube with what looks like radiating radio waves in the lower right-hand corner of the browser bar at the bottom of the screen. Put your cursor on the orange cube to make sure that it then indicates the feeds which are available from your site. To verify that Thunderbird will work with your feed, enter your feed’s URL as I described a couple of days ago in the

Read my Mozilla vs Microsoft article if you skipped over it last month. When Microsoft finally integrates feed reading capability into its browser, it’ll have to be able to read (as-is) the same feeds that Firefox and all the other feed readers can read, at least for awhile.


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